TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Sanan Malang has become one iconic munchy of Malang amongst several other foods. It’s usually even made as a present whenever you visit a friend or family which lives outside of the city.

Sanan, Malang is indah area where people commonly get the tempeh chips. Most of the local community in this area will turn their house into tempeh chip shop. The data shows that there are more than 600 people work on this business.  

Laili Afrida, the owner of one tempeh chip shop in Sanan said that she has lots of taste for the chip. “We have original, spicy, sweet and spicy, barbecue, cheese, roasted beef, spicy chicken, sweet corn and lot more, ” Laili said.


Still according to her, the number of tempeh chip production also decreasing to only half of it during this pandemic. “It was because lots of tourist destinations in the city enclosed for temporarily and the government also implement Large Scale Social Restriction, ” she added.

The chief of the local community Pandai Sofyan Hadi said that the business was started in 1970’s. he also said that they were starting the business for the have a leftover tempeh and doesn’t want to waste it.

“It’s been a hard time for tempeh chip business, and we hope that this situation will be over soon, ” Arif said. Arif also explained that some of the shop in Sanan Malang also provide some other chips other than tempeh chip such as spinach, jackfruit, apple, dragon fruit, and some other fruit. (*)