TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – North Maluku known to have around 400 islands, in which only 70 of them are inhabited. On this island lies several historical sites as a living witness to what happened in the kawasan back then.

This province has World War II Museum with all their things left behind such as cannon, war ship, amphibi car, and many more. Even, General Mc Arthur of US has dock on this island and build a camp at one the island.

This province also hides several beautiful fortresses such as Fort Tolukko which was built in 1540 by a Portuguese General Fransisco Serao.   Fort Kastella in 1522. Fort Oranje which was built around 1600’s, and Fort Kalamata which was built in 1619. All these fortresses become a witness of several battle in North Maluku.

Other than those foreign things, North Maluku also has their own royal family lives in Ternate. Sadly, the palace where the king lives were now turned into a museum to preserve the sultanate belonging. This museum is located in Soa Sio, North Ternate, Ternate, North Maluku.

Islam was introduced in North Maluku at around 15th century brough by the Middle East traders. The Sultanate Ternate Mosque becoms the living proof of how islam widely spread in this area. The first sultan converted his religion into Agama islam Kolano Marhum which rule the kingdom in 1465-1486.  

Don’t forget to visit these beautiful places when you happened to go to North Maluku and admire its history beyond the beauty of this Moluccas island. (*)