TIMESINDONESIA, MURATARA – Located in Napacilin, Ulu Rawas, North Musi Rawas South Sumatra, Napacilin Cave has hook people’s heart with its beauty and the beauty of scenery around the cave. This cave has become one popular spot for nature lover to go on their leisure time.

The café looks like an alley which covered with stone as ceiling. At the end of the cave you rest and enjoy a wonderful scenery of Bukit Barisan (chain of hills) from above with its lush trees covering the hill.  


“In the cave, you would find a creek. Hear said it has a gold in the stream. The local community even do a gold mining in it, ” Sumsel Hepriyadi a local Public Figure said on Sunday (19/7/2020).

The folklore said that Napacilin cave was made of stranded boat of a local citizen called as Si Manjur (the powerful word guy). He was known to be able to turn someone in to stone with his spell.


Once upon Si Pahit Lidah was passing by the area and saw the stranded boat. He then climbs up but failed so many times. He left the boat while mumbling “Its too hard to climb the boat, just as if it was climbing a huge rock, ” he said.

Since then, there was rumours that Napicilin cave of South Sumatra was formerly a stranded boat that was cursed by Si Pahit Lidah.

But that’s just a story. It depends on you whether will you believe it or not. However, Napacilin Cave of South Sumatra will always give you a wonderful hiking experience with a beautiful scenery at the end of the cave as the reward. (*)