TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – To attract more visitor as well to give them an easy access to several popular tourist destinations in Banyuwangi, the local government along with the Ministry of Transportation provide the tourists with free public transportation,

For this program, they hold DAMRI local bus which used for public transportation. “This kalender has been started since October 15, and we will maintain it till the end of the year, ” General Manager DAMRI Banyuwangi Resta Mahardika said on Thursday (22/10/2020).

DAMRI has 8 busses and 4 mini busses which will take you to several tourist destinations in Banyuwangi. Those destinations are Alas Purwo National Park, Pulau Merah Beach, Ijen Crater, and Baluran National Park.

The bus will only take 20 passengers at a time. All the passenger and bus crew urges to follow the new safety standard. You could do an online registration if you willing to take this facilities.

For those who would like to go to Ijen Crater, you could take a bus which will departed at 09. 00, 15. 00, and 21. 30 local western time.   This bus will also take the passenger which goes way around.

Meanwhile, for Baluran, the bus will be departed at 7. 30, 12. 00, 21. 20 and will leave the place at 09. 00, 11. 00, and 17. 00. Alas Purwo at 07. 00 and 8. 30 and goes back at 14. 30 and 15. 30 local western time.

For Pulau Merah, you could take the bus at 09. 00 and 11. 00 and go back at with it at 15. 00 and 17. 00 local western time. These busses were expected to be able to help the tourist to get indah easier access to several tourist destinations in Banyuwangi. (*)