TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – West Kalimantan has dozens of local beverage  with an unforgettable taste. Most of it will be a perfect companion during a hot day since this tropical island has a humid climate.

  For these reasons, the local community made their own wonderful beverage recipe that they already have for generations. Check this out.

1. Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe Vera Juice is a wonderfully effective blend of the finest aloe vera inner gel and aloe vera whole leaf, both present at maximum possible strength so you can derive all the benefits this plant has to offer. Make sure you try this drink before leaving West Kalimantan.

2. Creamy Savoury Corn


To make this beverage you only need to get 2 ingredients, steamed corn and condensed milk. Put a cup 4 spoonful of corn into a glass, add four to six spoonsful of condensed milk (optional), add some water and your creamy savoury corn is ready to be served.

3. Liang Tea


Liang tea made of several herbs and local spices. Ice cubes are added during the serving that make this tea becomes so invigorating. This drink believed to be so good for a sore throat

4. Pontianak Warna orange Juice


The local orange of Pontianak known to have a sweeter taster compared to some other orange in Indonesia. This makes the local orange juice also taste one level further than any other juice in Indonesia.

5. Ce Hun Tiaw


Ce Hun Tiaw is some kind of local beverage made of red bean, jelly, brown and red sticky rice, grass jelly which dip in tasty sweet and savoury coconut milk soup. This drink will erase your drought after an exhausting trip.

6. Mung Bean Juice


Mung bean stew, mung bean soup might has become a common side dishes to have on your table. But have ever try mung bean juice? This drink has become one common beverage in West Kalimantan. To make this this juice you only need to boiled the mung bean till it mushy and then use your home blender to blend it, you could add some sugar or condensed milk or just milk to make it tastier. (*)